Strikes staged according to previous scenario

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April 22, 2016 18:04

The authorities have found and effectively use the method of social discontent repayment: comply with the workers and increase wages. With this, enterprise management prevents self-organization of workers in independent trade unions, exerting point pressure on the activists.

According to independent media, workers of one of the assembly sites of the Borisov Plant of Automobile and Tractor Electrical Equipment stopped work for a few hours and demanded higher wages on February 13.  The company’s management has promised to increase salaries by 20% on February 16.

Short-term workers’ strikes in 2012 did not differ from the strikes of autumn 2011. Observations show that the workers begin to protest, if the salary is at BYR 1.2 million and below, and the beginning of strikes coincides with the days of salary payments or prepayments. For its part, the authorities are going to meet the protesters and raise wages by 15-20%.

In this case, the authorities carefully monitor the self-organization of workers in independent trade unions and seek to prevent such attempts. Since February 16, the leader of independent trade union cell, established in 2011 at the enterprise \"Granit\", O. Stahaevich was fired, and the formation of the union of the cell stopped at the stage of obtaining a legal address.

However, a strike at such a large enterprise, as BATE, means that the authorities are not coping with the monitoring of the situation with salaries in the industry. According to the information in the independent media that is not confirmed officially, enterprises \"Atlant\" in Baranovichi, as well as \"Polesie\" in Pinsk are in pre-strike conditions because of low wages

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