Fight for Leadership Among Belarusian émigrés

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April 22, 2016 18:09


The media continue to discuss the role of Belarusian émigrés in the fight against Lukashenko’s  regime.

Several independent internet media published an article by former Belarusian prosecution officer  Dmitry Petrushkevich  called “Belarusian opposition Ltd”. The author blames the Belarusian opposition for inefficiencies and suggests revising the history of its foreign funding. He also blames the BNR Rada for a lack of action.  Finally, the author offers to establish a new center of resistance in exile.”

The Belarusian opposition is regularly accused of inerita in the media. Efforts are made to establish the centralised control over the management and financing activities of alternative political forces. The discussion is led by former law enforcement officers.

The former commander of the 5th Special Forces separate brigade, Colonel Borodach, and  former KGB Major Romanovich, who are both now in exile, have also made similar arguments.

At present, the authors put forward only the ideas which are not supported by any real action, such as organising a nuclear immigrants’ collision. Their initiatives should be viewed as private experimental suggestions.

However, the professional past of discussants will not allow them to gain the trust necessary for organising an efficient center in exile. In March 2012, the BNR Rada gained the support of a number of Belarusian cultural activists and nationally-oriented politicians. They signed a joint statement saying that the BNR Rada is the only authorised representative of the nation abroad.

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