Fewer than five alternative candidates are likely to run for presidency in Belarus

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April 22, 2016 19:20

Not all potential candidates are likely to collect 100,000 signatures by August 21st, 2015 to support their nomination. For instance, Anatoly Lyabedzka’s Chief of Staff Lev Margolin said that the United Civic Party’s initiative group might not collect the required signatures and would use the remaining time until August 21st for campaigning. A similar situation is likely in the initiative group of Sergey Kalyakin. Representatives of Tatsiana Karatkevich’s initiative group said the required 100,000 signatures would be collected by the due date. According to the state TV, three alternative pro-government candidates – Sergei Gaydukevich, Vladimir Tereschenko and Nikolai Ulahovich would collect the required number of signatures.

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According to Belstat, in August 7,600 people were dismissed, including 4,800 civil servants. Dismissals of civil servants were due to the optimisation in the public administration by up to 30%. Some civil servants would retain their job however would lose the status of a civil servant. Vacancies on the labour market are likely to reduce in number, thanks to the optimisation, the state administration would increase wages for public servants. The payroll fund for retained employees is likely to increase and some former state employees are likely to get jobs in affiliated organizations. The optimisation of the state apparatus should complete by January 1st, 2018, and some former civil servants are likely to join the ranks of the unemployed.

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