Economic insolvency is pushing towards Belarusian Army reform

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April 22, 2016 18:43

At a meeting with the Security Council Secretary, Lukashenko requested to conduct spot inspections in the Armed Forces.

Similar practices were introduced in Russia in 2013 and would become common, as President Putin said, during the preparations for the Belarusian-Russian ‘West- 2013’ military exercises. Belarus’ growing dependence on Russia in the military sphere forces her to follow the trends in the Russian armed forces. In addition, a spot inspection in the Armed Forces will allow the Belarusian authorities to identify the most important elements in the defence system, which require modernization as a matter of priority and redistribution of dwindling public funds accordingly.

When the inspection is completed, President Lukashenko will take the final decision about how to reform the Belarusian Army. Most likely, priority will be given to air defence systems, Air Force, and special operations forces.

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