Belarusian opposition torn by conflicts and fight for resources before parliamentary elections

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May 27, 2016 13:32

The trustee of the presidential candidate Tatsiana Karatkevich in the 2015 presidential elections, Jaroslav Bernikovich has made a statement about falsifications of signature sheets by the Karatkevich team. Analysts have noted an increase in tensions in the opposition camp as they fight for scarce resources. However, most opposition parties are not interested in the in the public discussion on this issue, since such suspicions were voiced in their regard in the 2010 presidential elections. Yet another row in the opposition will help keeping their ratings low, regardless of their involvement. As well, tension in the opposition circles is unlikely to have substantial influence on election campaigns by the opposition candidates, as their popular ratings are low anyway, so as the electorate’s interest in the elections. 

Image: Dzmitry Brushko, TUT.BY

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