Some parties mobilize activists to protect Kurapaty; "Tell the Truth" aims to establish a dialogue with Russian counterparts

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"Tell the truth" is attempting to de-monopolise the authorities in Russo-Belarusian relations and meet the expectations of the pro-Russian electorate in Belarus, open to changes. Centre-rightists focused on organisational modalities in preparation for the UCP leadership elections, which has increased tension among the coalition members. National Democrats are mobilising their supporters to protect the Kurapaty memorial.

"Tell the truth" has attempted to cement contacts with Russian counterparts and proposed an alternative agenda in Belarusian-Russian relations at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Centre-rightists and MP Kanopatskaya organised field trips to the regions and plan to recruit new activists from Mothers 328 movement. Simultaneously, tension among the coalition members has built up in the view of the upcoming elections of the United Civic Party chairman, caused by conflicting positions of MP Kanopatskaya and the current party leadership.

Some opposition parties have launched a campaign against the opening of an entertainment centre in the Kurapaty tract. Law enforcement attempted to interfere, however, it is likely to have the opposite effect and further mobilise national democrats to protect the memorial site. Meanwhile, National Democrats and bloggers are attempting to organise public funding to improve the site of mass shootings by the NKVD. Given their experience in fundraising while organising the concert to mark Freedom Day on March 25th, and the historical meaning of the Kurapaty tract for National Democrats, the organisers are likely to raise sufficient funds to carry out such improvements.

Overall, the intraparty tension is likely to build up among the centre-rightists in the near future.

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