Law enforcers step up the anti-corruption pressure

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Law enforcers further carried out the anti-corruption campaign to discipline public officials amid dwindling public funds.

The anti-corruption pressure on pubic managers in agriculture has been used by law enforcers to reduce their appetites for state support. The Belarusian leadership has abandoned the hefty capital injections practice before the elections to stimulate economic growth. In addition, oil and gas subsidies from Russia have reduced, which forced the authorities to focus on domestically available funds, including due to the anti-corruption prosecution.

The authorities have further expanded opportunities for large loyal businesses. The Belarusian leadership is forced to gradually revise its attitude towards retaining a high share of the public sector amid the absence of funds to support unprofitable public enterprises and inefficient management, especially given the positive dynamics in the private sector, such as the IT industry. The authorities aspire to stay in control due to the depoliticization of society and an informal agreement with large business about the absence of political ambitions, and thanks to some concessions to the most sustainable protest movements.

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