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April 22, 2016 18:30

Most of the transit motorways undergo timely maintenance, but most of the local roads have overdue maintenance works. The length of roads that are in the pre-emergency state is increasing. Roads’ state is an important indicator of the economic situation in the regions. Judging by this indicator, regional development funding was cut down substantially.

In Minsk, as well as in key national corridors the roadbed is in a satisfactory condition. The situation is worse (pits, potholes, bumps) in the regions, including the newly renovated provincial highways. Main reasons include rapid change in weather conditions and the lack of funding.

For example, due to the lack of funding in some Belarus’ regions up to 96% of local roads have overdue maintenance works. In Gomel Oblast about 70% of the roads have overdue capital road repairs, which should be carried about every 12-14 years and implies full resurfacing, which is very costly. In Vitebsk Oblast, 87% of the roads have overdue capital and maintenance works. In Brest Oblast, 88% of the roads have overdue maintenance works.

Since the Specialized Roads Fund, responsible for allocation of funds for roads maintenance was closed in 2009, roads construction and maintenance works had reduced by 3 times.

In general, the “road” budget of Belarus in Q1 2013 was as follows: national roads - BYR 825 billion, local roads – BYR 338 billion. The reconstruction of M-5 Minsk-Gomel motorway sections is one of the major projects. Regarding long-term plans, by 2017 it is planned to complete roads construction without oncoming traffic connecting all oblast centres with Minsk.

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