Official Minsk expects Kyiv’s help in normalising Belarus-EU relationship

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April 22, 2016 19:05

The Ambassador of Belarus in Ukraine, Valentin Velichko, stated in an interview with the annual scientific journal “Dyplomatic Ukraine” that Belarus supports Ukraine as an integral unitary state within its current constitution which excludes the possibility of federalisation.

Official Minsk is interested in deescalating the situation in the eastern part of Ukraine and settling the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, as well as softening the conflict between the Kremlin and the West which, aside from instability in the region, has already led to negative consequences for the Belarusian economy in the year of the presidential elections. Aside from profitable economic cooperation, the Belarusian authorities hope to normalise their relationship with the European Union with the help of official Kyiv, especially before the May summit of the Eastern Partnership in Riga.

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