Minsk confident of positive dynamics in relations with EU regardless of dialogue on human rights

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May 31, 2016 11:51

Human rights activists have supported the continuation of the EU-Belarus dialogue on human rights, however, they have marked "the lack of significant progress and systemic changes in the field of human rights and freedoms in Belarus”. The state is not interested in strengthening the influence of human rights defenders on the Belarusian-European agenda and their inclusion in the dialogue with the EU on human rights. After the lifting of sanctions, Minsk has been satisfied with the frequency of contacts with Western capitals, including at the highest level. The Belarusian leadership is ready to continue the dialogue with the EU on human rights issues, however without assuming any obligation to systemic changes in the human rights field. Minsk will block the Belarusian human rights community’s initiative to become a full member in the EU-Belarus human rights dialogue.

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