Minsk aims to step up Belarusian staff in international organisations

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July 17, 2017 11:51

Belarusian Ambassador to Vienna Elena Kupchina, who was nominated as a candidate for the OSCE Secretary General post, could not ensure a consensus during the OSCE member states’ vote. The Belarusian Foreign Ministry attempted to take advantage of the favourable foreign policy environment and the support from the Kremlin to enhance its diplomatic successes. Apparently, the Belarusian leadership has started a systemic work to increase its participation in authoritative international organisations. Belarusian representatives at high positions in international organisations could reinforce ambitions of the Belarusian leadership on global peacekeeping initiatives. In all likelihood, the strengthening of the diplomatic block in the Belarusian politics could lead to tension in relations with the power block, which, however, could be relaxed due to increased involvement of law enforcement in the redistribution of state resources and anti-corruption persecution. Nevertheless, due to the interest in stepping up its international presence, Minsk is likely to soften domestic policy and engage in some dialogue with civil society.

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