Kremlin insists on Russian air base in Belarus in 2015

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April 22, 2016 19:00

Russia’s Defence Minister, General Shoigu, said that in 2015 the airport in Bobruisk would accommodate 12 Russian combat aircrafts "Su-27", two combat-capable aircrafts "Su-27" and four unites of Mi-8 helicopters.

Previous reports said that the Russian airbase would be deployed in Belarus in 2016, i.e. after the 2015 presidential elections in Belarus. The Belarusian leadership wants to strengthen its defence system, but only through the sale or transfer of the Kremlin’s military technology to the Belarusian Air Force. However, Belarus is extremely dependent on Russia’s financial aid and the Belarusian government has fewer resources to resist the Kremlin’s pressure, which has been increasing recently regardless of Belarus’ viewpoints. Nevertheless, Belarus will continue to resist the deployment of a Russian airbase on her territory in 2015.

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