Fight among pro-governmental candidates created tension among nomenclature

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September 12, 2016 10:34
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Vasily Zadnepryany, leading the pro-government Republican Party of Labour and Justice withdrew from the election race amid scandalous accusations by his former colleagues, submitted to the Central Election Committee. Initially, two pro-governmental candidates with equal political weight were competing in his constituency. However, the election officials apparently have preferred ex-presidential candidate and chairman of the pro-governmental Belarusian Patriotic Party Ulakhovich Nicholai, who was nominated through three channels: through the labour collective, from the party and by signature collection. Apparently, Zadnepryany had to withdraw from the race before early voting started, but he did not. The Belarusian leadership has somewhat weakened control over the election organisation, which has somewhat unbalanced the system of coordination of future deputies and enhanced tension among various nomenclature groups.

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