Wonderful! "Belarusian dream" went out to the people!

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April 22, 2016 18:12

There are many screenings of ‘Belarusian Dream’ which we (authors and distributers) find out about only afterwards, sometimes by chance. These screenings are organized by volunteers, various people who are not socially indifferent.

For example, there was a showing in Estonia, in Kaliningrad (to which 11 people came), and on May 3rd, ‘Yabloko’ youth organized a screening of ‘Belarusian Dream’ in Moscow. Even Ekaterina Kibalchich, who in fact lives there, didn’t know about this. 

Sometimes we hear about home screenings, where people get together and watch our film. Europeans have written to us that they watched ‘Belarusian Dream’ and ‘discovered Belarus for themselves’. Moreover, we often cannot understand: where and how people saw the film. 

This is neither good nor bad. It’s wonderful!

It means that the film went out to the people! It means that it was a success! Yes, in Belarus we could only hold one underground screening…Half a year after the premiere, there have been hundreds of thousands of views in the internet, DVDs printed, dozens of showings around the world, translated into 7 languages! 

Yesterday in a small Dutch town, people watched Belarusian Dream again:https://www.facebook.com/events/246555022112811/

Thank you to the organizers! For this and all other screenings which we didn’t know, or still don’t know about:)

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