Solidarity with Belarus 2012 Gdansk, march 23-25

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April 22, 2016 18:07

It is the second time that ‘Solidarity with Belarus’ is going to take place in Gdansk. Therefore within the framework of this event, held between the 23rd and 25th of March, there is a lot of interesting activities we all can enjoy such as: the showing of Belarusian documentary and fictional movies, a panel discussion, a photography exhibition and last but not least – concerts of the Belarusian bands: Amaroka, Vinsent and Botanic Project.

The idea of this huge event started in the Polish capital on 12th of March 2006. The Free Belarus Initiative organized a concert entitled ‘Solidarity with Belarus’ as a support for all Belarusians before their forthcoming presidential election. The event itself attracted thousands of people and turned out to be well received. Thus it became an annual tradition.

As history shows, the Belarusian elections in 2006, just like others for the next couple of years, were counterfeit. Moreover, during peaceful manifestations demonstrators were beaten and arrested. In 2010 all leaders of the Belarusian opposition were held captive in the infamous KGB prison – Amerykanka. The reaction to this was to launch into another action of ‘Solidarity with Belarus’, which this time was worldwide and countries like the Czech Republic, France, Lithuania and USA also gave their support and hosted some concerts. In the same vein, Gdansk joined this movement of support for Belarus and organized concerts which took place during a bigger enterprise called ‘Freedom of Culture – Culture of Freedom’.

This year, the date of ‘Solidarity with Belarus’ in Gdansk wasn’t chosen by coincidence. The 25th of March is the anniversary of the establishment of the Belarusian People’s Republic, which was founded on 25th of March 1918 and is considered to be the beginning of the Belarusian statehood. Nowadays, celebrating this national holiday in Belarus is forbidden by the dictatorial government of Alexander Lukashenko.

The students research group ‘Mosaic’, in collaboration with: ‘Cultural Collective’, Cultural Centre ‘Alternator’, Wyspa Institute of Art, DKF ‘Marcello’ and ‘European Solidarity Centre’, is organizing this year’s Days of Solidarity with Belarus. As already mentioned, there is going to be loads of gripping on-going functions: movies projections, discussions, exhibitions and concerts which are all about to take place in the Faculty of Languages at University of Gdansk, in the Institute of Art and in the club Buffet. Everyone is welcome.



23.03.2012 Friday

University of Gdansk, Faculty of Languages, auditorium/lecture hall 1.45

The showing of Belarusian documentary movies produced by Belsat

  • 6 pm – \"Даволі! Да волі\", dir. Wiaczaslau Rakicki, Andrej Kucila, prod. Belsat (55’);

  • 7 pm – The debate about the future of Belarus – with the participation of Belarusian opposition activists and journalists (Julia Słuckaja, Uladz Kuberts and Alex Kovtun) and former activists of the social movement \"Solidarity\";

  • 7:40 pm  \"Гульня ў вайнушку\", dir. Antos Ciależnikau prod. Belsat (41’);

  • 8:30 pm – \"Мінск ад світанку да змяркання\", dir. Miroslaw Dembinski, prod. Belsat (39’).

24.03.2012. Saturday
Wyspa Institute of Art, a conference room

  • 6 pm – The showing of Belarusian documentary and fictional movies
    \"The music of freedom\" dir. Jerzy Kalina (25’);
    \"Belarusian dream\", dir. Ekatarina Kibalchicha (50’);
    \"Даволі! Да волі\", dir. Wiaczaslau Rakicki, Andrej Kucila, prod. Belsat (doc. 55’);
    \"Music Partisants\", dir. Miroslaw Dembinski, (58’);
    \"Massacre\", dir. Andrei Kudzinenko, prod. Belarusfilm2010 (F.M. 100’).

25.03.2012. Sunday

Club \"Buffet\" (near Wyspa Institute of Art)

  • 7 pm – Concert of Belarusian bands Amaroka (positive punk-rock), Vinsent (rap), Botanic Project (reggae).

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