Reporting on Belarus: Two Perspectives 

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April 22, 2016 18:25

Press Club Belarus invites all journalists on Friday, February 15th at 4pm to an informal meeting at Press Club Polska (Krakowskie Przedmieście 64, Dom Polonii).

Special guests will be Gleb Labadzenka, a Belarusian journalist, blogger, poet, and civic activist, and Gulliver Cragg, correspondent for France 24

Over a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, our guests will talk about their various experiences working as a journalist: 

Gleb Labadzenka will discuss how in Belarus today a journalist may partially take on the role of a social activist, such as by moderating demonstrations aimed at developing civil society and raising people’s awareness. The aim of such demonstrations is for people to see that many issues can be resolved independently, without the authorities. With the help of his blog, Gleb organizes demonstrations in which sometimes several hundred people take part. 

Gulliver Cragg will talk about his experience in working on Belarus. How to make the topic of Belarus interesting to an international editor and reader? What difficulties might international journalists encounter in Belarus? How is Belarus seen from the outside? Gulliver Cragg has worked for France 24 since 2006, firstly in Paris and in Warsaw since 2010. See Gulliver’s news reports here. In addition, Gulliver writes for the lifestyle magazine Monocle and the Economist blog. 

We welcome everyone who would like to find out more about working as a journalist in Belarus from two very different perspectives, and to exchange views. 

Working languages will be English and Belarusian/Russian.  

This event is being held thanks to support from the Canada Fund.

For more information, please join the Press Club Belarus group on Facebook or contact: 

Alexandra Kirby, +48 668 679312, (English, Polish, Russian);

Iryna Hubskaya, +48 536  (Belarusian, Russian, Polish). 

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