Press Freedom Award 2015: Call for Submissions

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April 22, 2016 19:16

Reporters without Borders has been offering the annual Press Freedom Award – A Signal for Europe to reporters, journalists and publicists in southeast Europe and the neighbouring states of the European Union since 2001.
The prize is offered to critical, informative and investigative publications that cover: politics, press freedom, human rights, corruption, societal issues or related topics. Its target group are principally all publicists, regardless of age or status.
The Press Freedom Award – A Signal for Europe is endowed with a total of 6.000 Euros and will go to journalists from Belarus.


Freimut Duve, the first OSCE Representative for Freedom of the Media
Dunja Mijatovic, OSCE Representative for Freedom of the Media
Eva Nowotny, President of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO
Wolfgang Petritsch, Austrian Ambassador at the OECD in Paris
Albert Rohan, Former General Secretary of the Austrian ministry of foreign affairs
Rubina Moehring, President of Reporters without Borders Austria

Submission guidelines:

* The deadline for submissions is 30. October 2015
* The date of publishing must be between May 3, 2014 and May 3, 2015
* Letters of reference are of help but not decisive in the evaluation of submissions
* Detailed letters of reference are obligatory if a life’s work is submitted
* Only one publication can be submitted per person or series, where the following is

a. the publication in its original language

b. an English translation which is authorised by the contender

c. a CV, written in English

d. a copy of the piece of work

e. the above also applies to printed or electronic series, for example series or 
broadcasts that align to the awards declared aims. In this case a description of the series or
broadcast is needed in addition to an exemplary submission in the relevant medium, which may include the press, radio, television or the internet.

f. if a life’s work is handed in, a detailed letter of reference is required.
Printed pieces should be submitted as the original or if digitally, as a scanned copy. 
Radio or TV broadcasts should be submitted as cassettes, CDs, DVDs or via Email, depending on the size of the piece of work. In the case of books we ask for an English translation of the foreword and that a short statement of intent is included in the letter of reference, which should also be in English.

For further information or inquiries please contact:
Hanna Ronzheimer
Reporters without Borders Austria
Alser Straße 22/8
1090 Vienna, Austria
Tel. +43 (0)1 581 00 11 (Monday - Thursday 08.30-13.30 h).

For further information regarding the Press Freedom Award – A signal for Europe visit

Previous prizewinners:

2002: Petr Uhl/Czech Republik, Agnes Karácsony/Hungary, Jerzy Káliná/Poland
2003: Zeljko Peratovic/Croatia, Milorad Vesic/ Yugoslavia, Jelena Bjelica/Yugoslawia
2004: Alina Anghel/Moldova, Andriy Shevchenko/Ukraine,
Anca Paduraru/Romania
2005: Demet Bilge Ergün/Turkey,Makarios Drousiotis/Cyprus,
Sevgül Uludag/Northern Cyprus
2006: Svetlana Lukic und Svetlana Vukovic/Serbia, Migjen Kelmendi/Kosovo
2008:Kristina Koleva-Tuncheva/Bulgaria, OvidiuVanghele/Romania, Svetlana Ivanova
2009: Ganimat Zahidov/Azerbaijan, Eynulla Fatullayev/Azerbaijan, Marianna
Grigoryan/Armenia, Batumelebi/Georgia
2010: Mikhail Bekhetov/Russia, Olga Bobrova/Russia
2011: Daniel Pál Rényi/ Hungary, Mária Vásárhelyi/Hungary
2012: Emanuela Zuccalá and Alessia Cerantola /Italy
2013: Internet Platform „Bianet“ / Turkey
2014: Giorgos Moutafis and Emmanouil Kaklamanos/ Greece

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