MediaBarCamp 2015: Sub-Cultures of Politics [eng]

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April 22, 2016 19:09

The 8th international MediaBarCamp 2015 (MBC2015) is a unique social media non-conference event, that will take place on 7-10 May, 2015 in Lithuania and will bring together activists from Belarus and all around the world – from Cuba to Azerbaijan, from Sweden to Egypt. The organisers of the event are the Swedish International Liberal Centre (SILC) in cooperation with local partners in Belarus and Sweden.

MediaBarCamp 2015 is an open space participant-driven non-conference where the agenda of the event is initiated and determined by participants themselves.

The main GOAL of MediaBarCamp 2015 is to stimulate media activism and new media projects, to promote use of social networks and possibilities provided by the Internet. MBC2015 also aims to coordinate already existing initiatives in participant’s countries as well as to develop contacts within active international youth society.

The MBC 2015 topic is SUB-CULTURES OF POLITICS. By this we want to invite and encourage you to discuss, share ideas and experiences about various existing active sub-cultures of politics. There are many NGOs and civil society actors that actually are actively engaged in local politics (and/or policies) with the aim of influencing political decision-making. In other words — they actually do politics. At the same time, there are many political organisations and institutions that are supposed to do politics, but actually rely on civic activism. Therefore, nobody can deny, that politics consists of many inner and outer sub-layers or subcultures.

Let’s meet in MBC 2015 and reveal which important and active sub-culture of politics you represent!


Bloggers, media and political activists, collective online project developers, innovative ideas developers, social entrepreneurships, active citizens and other activists that stand for freedom of speech and expression, representatives of socio-cultural projects that use media as a channel of communication with their audience.


A reference to the Call for Applications for MediaBarCamp 2015 on your website with an active hyperlink to (banners can be found on MediaBarCamp web-page). Posts in social networks are welcome, but are not sufficient.

1-2 participants from one project. Unfortunately, we cannot invite all your editorial team.

Prepare and present presentations. Language for presentation slides has to be English. You can speak during your presentation in another language, but slides in English will be of much help for participants who do not speak your language.

The project description in the application form has to be provided in English. Please include a topic and a short description (min 300 characters). It will be used for online voting to select the best presentations, which will be guaranteed a time slot in the MediaBarCamp 2015 programme).

Full participation (4 days) during the event is a requirement

Fill in an online application here:


1 APRIL, 2015 – final closing date for application (both for applicants with and without visas). However, we kindly remind you to apply as early as possible


You can apply without a fully prepared presentation. However, you have to provide in the application a fully drafted subject and a short description of the presentation in English. The presentation itself may be in another language.
We will organize an open and fair early voting among the participants to choose the presentations which will be reserved a place in the schedule in advance
In order to assure that all participants have enough space and time for their presentations, we will add a new format for quick presentations: PechaKucha — 20 slides, which are replaced automatically every 20 seconds (


MediaBarCamp is not a commercial event

Participation is FREE OF CHARGE

The organisers cover all the participant’s logistics, visa and accommodation expenses

The venue (at least 4 conference rooms) will be equipped with Wi-Fi, projectors, sound equipment

Interpretation assistance to/from English and Russian languages will be provided

Travel reimbursement will be provided for the cheapest tickets (2d class train or bus). There will be no reimbursement for travel by cars or flights Minsk – Vilnius.

Your arrival to the central railway station in Vilnius shall be planned before 12:00 on the 7th of May and departure not earlier than 17:00 on the 10th of May

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