Invitation: Press Club Belarus meeting in Minsk with Guardian New East Network

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April 22, 2016 18:59

Press Club Belarus is pleased to invite you to a meeting with the deputy editor of the  Guardian’s New East Network.

Join us at 7pm on Tuesday, October 28th on the ninth floor of’s office (Mikhalovo metro station, 57, Dzerzhinski prospekt, Minsk).

Press Club Belarus plans to hold its meetings every month, focusing on first-hand exchange of experience in the world of media technology, by their founders and representatives.

We invite journalists, editors, experts, PR specialists, advertising professionals, designers – and everyone who is interested in media – to informally talk about recent issues in their profession with journalists from other countries.

Our first guest will be Enjoli Liston, deputy editor of The Guardian’s New East Network – which partners with media organisations in 15 countries spanning Eastern Europe and Central Asia, including Belarus, to expand the Guardian’s coverage of these areas. 

Enjoli will talk about the idea behind the New East network, and discuss partnership opportunities. We’ll then have an open discussion about coverage of Belarus in the international media, and how we, as journalists and editors, can help to enrich the coverage of Belarus outside the country.

Languages:Russian, Belarusian, English 

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