International Press Clubs award Glasnost Defence Foundation head, Aleksei Simonov

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April 22, 2016 19:04

Warsaw, December 16th 2014  The International Association of Press Clubs (IAPC) has awarded Aleksei Simonov, head of the Glasnost Defence Foundation, for his efforts to protect freedom of speech and the rights of journalists in Russia.

Accepting the award, Simonov noted the symbolism of receiving the award in Poland – a country which had greatly shaped his understanding of human rights. In particular, he mentioned his friendships with Marek Nowicki, an initiator of Poland’s Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, and Adam Michnik, founder of Polish daily, Gazeta Wyborcza.

The award ceremony took place on December 16th in Warsaw’s Lazienki Palace, and was attended by several IAPC members, including Press Club Belarus, as well as leading Polish journalists and politicians.

The IAPC Freedom of Speech award is given to people and organizations who defend and promote the freedom of speech. The first award, in 2013, went to Reporters Without Borders.

Source: Press Club Belarus 

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