Belarusian Yearbook 2012 to be presented at the OSCE HDIM in Warsaw

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April 22, 2016 18:38

On September 27th, 2013 a round table discussion Belarusian Yearbook 2012: The Big Freezewill take place duirng the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting. The event is jointly organized by Solidarity with Belarus Information Office, Agency for Social and Political Expert Appraisal, ‘Nashe mnenije’ website, and German Marshall Fund of the United States. 

Belarusian experts will present the main political and economic trends in Belarus identified in the Belarusian Yearbook 2012

Key trends include: the ‘narrowing’ of the state - decisions taken by an ever-diminishing circle; a lack of technical, financial and human resources; growing economic and foreign policy dependence on Russia; a rise in pro-European moods and fewer efforts to integrate with Russia; reduced social obligations of the state, stagnation of electoral ratings and trust levels toward authorities; a crisis of state policy and inability to propose a vision for the future.

Round table panellists will include:

Valeria Kostiugova, political analyst, head of the Agency for Social and Political Expert Appraisal, coordinator of the project Nashe Mnenie (, compiled and edited the Belarusian Yearbook 2008-2012.
Anatoly Pankovsky, PhD in philosophy, editor-in-chief of the project 
Nashe Mnenie (, edited and compiled Belarusian Yearbook.
Pavel Usov, Belarusian political analyst and political scientist, PhD candidate at the Polish Academy of Sciences.
Andrei Yahorau, MA in political science. Director of the Center for European Transformation, co-founder and deputy editor-in-chief of the journal Palitycnaja Sfiera (‘Political sphere’).

The Belarusian Yearbook 2012 is the fourth edition of an annual multi-disciplinary analysis of trends in the Belarusian state and society. The Yearbook was published by the Agency for Social and Political Expert Appraisal, and supported by the German Marshall Fund of the United States. Copies of the Belarusian Yearbook 2012 (in English and Russian) will be available free of charge during the event.

The discussion will be held in Russian with simultaneous interpretation into English. Sandwiches and beverages will be served. 

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