Belarusian media experts take part in Lviv Media Forum

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April 22, 2016 19:01

The Lviv Media Forum is taking place in Lviv on November 12-14, 2015. This event kicked off with the screening of “Belarusian Dream” -  a documentary film about Belarus after the 2010 presidential elections. The discussion after focused on the similarity of the situation in Belarus in 2011 and current situation in Crimea. Yulia Slutskaya, head of Belarus in Focus Information Office, and an independent journalist from Crimea, Nadzeya Femin, participated in the discussion.

The main question posed at the forum is “War, politics, corruption. Media – are they players or tools?” During the first discussion entitled “The price of wasted opportunities: what will happen if media does not become independent and professional?” Yulia Slutskaya underlined that in Belarus the journalists are taught their profession, but not media management. That’s why Belarusian journalists need support. “

Jurgis Wilczynski from the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine assured that the European Union would continue to support mass media. During the opening ceremony, he underlined that the European Union is ready to support the aspirations of Ukraine to develop democratic media, the fight with the corruption, and the development of regional media. He also added that he would like to find out during the forum how chief editors and media experts plan to fight propaganda and clientism of mass media.

Several Belarusian experts are also participating at the Forum - Yuliya Slutskaya, director of Belarus in Focus Information Office, Pavel Morozov, the cartoonist, Yury Zisser , founder of portal, and Pauliuk Bykovski, from the newspaper Belorusi i Rynok.

Experts come from seven countries: Belarus, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and USA.

The main topics of the forum are: journalist ethics, the fight with news propaganda, visual communication, and the role of media in social networks.

This is the second edition of the Lviv Media Forum.  

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