Belarusian Dream seen in NY

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April 22, 2016 18:05

A documentary by Russian broadcast journalist has premiered in New York City. Her Belarusian Dream focuses on the 2010’s elections in the country and the suppressed opposition rallies for reforms.

Made by Ekaterina Kibalchich, a Russian reporter born in Minsk, Belarus, the film unveils the events that took place after the presidential elections in Minsk in 2010, showing opposition demos and flash mobs.

It also shows the other side of these events – police response to mass actions in Minsk, prosecution of anti-Lukashenko activists and limitations of freedom of the local people.

The political situation in Belarus is seen through the eyes of one activist, who came as a collective image of the young Belarusian protester, who stands against Aleksandr Lukashenko.

Kibalchich, who used to work for Russia’s Channel 1, covered the events in Minsk in 2010 and received the national award for her work there.

The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts organized the premiere of the film in New York.


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