On 24 November a Photo-Petition "Freedom for Ales Bialiatski" has been launched

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April 22, 2016 18:03

Please take a picture of you demanding "Freedom for Ales Bialiatski" with a paper in your hands. Please also photograph friends and colleagues.

The Human Rights Organisation Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights condemns the jail sentence of 4.5 years that was imposed on the Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bialiatski on November 24th 2011. Together with Belarusian and international human rights organisations Libereco demands the immediate and unconditional release of Ales Bialiatski, who has been detained and sentenced for political reasons only. 

Libereco launches a photo-petition onhttp://www.facebook.com/WeAllAreAles and calls on everybody to support the demand to release Ales Bialiatski by uploading a personal picture. Katrin G?ring-Eckardt, vice president of the German Bundestag, has taken over a godparenthood for Ales Bialiatski and provided the first picture of the photo petition. 

Lars B?nger, chairman of Libereco, stated : „The dictatorial regime of Lukashenko doesn’t flinch from any repressions to physically and mentally destroy it’s critics. In the 21stcentury, there is no room for a regime that pursues and represses their people. The governments and parlamentarians of the EU now have to react in a distinct manner, they have to noticeably sharpen existing sanctions against the last dictatorship in Europe and to help the repressed Belarusian civil society more effectively. Above all, there is to consider an extension  of the entry ban to all delegates of the Belarusian chambers of parliament and the Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs.  The trade relations between the EU and Belarus that help to maintain the Lukashenko Regime and that way enable continuous violations of human rights also have to be audited as a possible field of sanctions. Our solidarity belongs to  Ales Bialiatski, his relatives and friends and all other political prisoners in  Belarus. We will continue to put ourselves out for their freedom which is ours also.“

You can create address by yourself or just use our Sample 

Please send your photo to photo@lphr.org 

All photos will be published onhttp://www.facebook.com/WeAllAreAles 


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