Raising tariffs for the population suspended until the end of the heating period

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April 22, 2016 18:04





However, these risings (of tariffs and salaries) may bury the government expectations of inflation remission. Accordingly, Belarus is waiting for a new turn of spiral ’costs - prices - pressure on the currency market - emission.\"

The Belarusian authorities will not raise utility rates for heating until the end of the heating season, said Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Kalinin.

Fares on public transport will not also change until the end of the heating season. He also said that the decision of the differentiated electricity costs has not been made yet. 

Thus, the authorities continue the populist policy of cross-subsidization. Remembering the spring and summer wave of discontent in 2011, the authorities are afraid to rise paid services for population, preferring to shift the burden of subsidizing people on a budget, and industrial and energy companies.  It is supposed to make raising rates less noticeable at the end of the heating period, when the bills fall naturally. In addition, there will be another increase in wages in the public sector in spring.

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