Positive foreign trade balance achieved

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April 22, 2016 18:05

The volume of foreign trade in January 2012 amounted to USD 6.6831 billion or 155.3% of January 2011.

The exports increased to USD 3.4046 billion (191.1% of January 2011). Imports amounted to 3 billion 278.5 million (130% compared to January of 2011).

The trade balance in January 2012 was positive – USD 126.1 million. Trade with the European Union, according to the National Statistics Committee, has increased by 2.53 times up to USD 2.2649 billion. Belarusian export to the EU increased by 4 times, amounting to USD 1.7406 billion.

Turnover with the countries of the Customs Union amounted to USD 3.2536 billion (153.7% of January 2011). Trade balance with partners within the Customs Union is negative - minus USD 1.172 billion.

Foreign trade surplus in January is good news for the economic authorities of the country. At the same time, one should remember that the growth is due to the refinery (in January 2011 the oil industry was idle due to a conflict with Russia). Therefore, statistics for the following two month would not be as encouraging in terms of export growth and positive balance.

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