Nominal wages reduce temporarily in Belarus

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April 22, 2016 18:58

According to the National Statistics Committee, in August 2014, the average gross wage in Belarus was EUR 472, which is EUR 6,7 less than in July 2014.

Wage levels fell nationwide,  most severely affecting the most vulnerable segments of the population (education and health workers). However, in the near future, medical and teaching staff will receive pay rises, enabling a significant increase in the nominal income in these spheres. Wages will also rise in other economic sectors, since the authorities will have to demonstrate an improvement in living standards ahead of the presidential elections. In addition, the authorities may reconsider the pace for utility tariffs growth. The Government’s Decree No 744, which envisages wages growth in the public sector only when labour productivity is high, might be reviewed or abolished. Therefore. a reduction in wages is only temporary.

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