MAZ problems with exports may accelerate stagnation in automotive and related industries

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April 22, 2016 19:10

According to the JSC KAMAZ, MAZ share on the Russian truck market has decreased from 6.3% (January-February 2014) to 5.8% (January-February 2015), and the market volume fell by half compare with 2014. Decline in MAZ sales in Russia was due to the need to pay the ‘recycling’ tax, insufficient devaluation of BYR against the RUR, and the lack of support from the state. In the given circumstances, MAZ productions would continue to decline, as well as industry as a whole, its financial health would deteriorate, lay-offs would be held, and problems with settlements with suppliers would exacerbate. Problems in the automotive industry will lead to an inevitable backlash on manufacturers of machinery and equipment, rubber products, electrical equipment.

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