Irregularities with fuel supply at petrol stations

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April 22, 2016 17:54

The Concern Belneftekhim instructed its subordinate petrol stations “Belarusneft”, located in the border area and on the major highways to ensure the sales of fuel to non-residents of Belarus in foreign currency only. There are also reports of petrol missing at private petrol stations.


Since fuel supplies at the domestic market are sold at loss for the refinery due to both, higher excise taxes in the country and the implemented devaluation (price increases do not compensate refinery losses), and given the increased seasonal demand for fuel, fuel shortages will occur and financial state of refineries will deteriorate. Another rise in petrol price will have a negative impact on the population, whose standard of living decreased significantly due to the devaluation therefore the authorities will continue preserving the price disparity with the neighboring countries and introduction of various administrative constraints. The next logical step will be the introduction of restrictions on the sale of fuel at border petrol stations.

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