Food prices increased by 52% in Belarus

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April 22, 2016 17:56

As compared with May, June prices for foodstuff in Belarus increased by 8.2%, compared with December 2010 by 39%, and compared with June 2010 by 52.2%.

In June the prices grew the most for canned fish by 19.7%, potatoes by 18%, confectionery by 17.3%, fish and seafood by 14.3%, pasta by 14.2%, meat and poultry by 10.8%, cereals by 10.2%.

In the course of the past 6 months the prices on fruits increased by 2.1 times, tea by 2 times, cereals by 1.8 times, fish and seafood, canned fish, sugar, potatoes, by 60-70%, pasta, vegetable oil, confectionery by 51-57%, meat and poultry by 36.4%, vegetables by 32.5%.

“Frozen” prices for socially important goods will be “freed” for one month in Belarus.


Inflation rate is going up and indexation of incomes of the lowest-income population (state employees, retirees, etc) does not compensate for the declining incomes, which could result in increased dissatisfaction of the population with the authorities.

The government is incapable of coping with the rising prices using administrative means. Prices on basic foods will go up, as well, the autumn increase of housing services tariffs has already been announced.

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