Belarus agreed to Russian terms

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April 22, 2016 18:06

Belarus committed itself not to reduce base prices of dairy products supplied on the Russian market until the end of the year; as well it will suspend the supply of milk powder to Russia starting the second quarter of the year.


Belarus has also agreed that the agricultural departments of both countries, together with Soyuzmoloko will coordinate the basic price for the Russian market, as well as present the results of monitoring of implementation of the projected supply and demand for milk and dairy products within the Union State in 2012, and of compliance with basic prices. “If necessary, correlating measures could be introduced regarding other commodity products, butter in particular”. Russia, in compliance with the agreement, will make proposals to the Eurasian Economic Commission regarding tariff protection of certain types of dairy products.

Therefore, Belarus has agreed with all the terms and conditions put forward by Russia with prejudice to its own interests, which questions the alleged benefits Belarus receives with the Customs Union and Common Economic Space, except for energy sector.

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