Invitation to EMERGE conference in Minsk for journalists and partners

May 06, 2019 14:56

EMERGE is the only international tech conference that brings together most promising startups, talent and ecosystem players from the unique New East region: countries from Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Baltics, and Central Asia. It takes place on 4 and 5 June, 2019 in Minsk, Belarus, attended by 2000+ tech enthusiasts from 30+ countries. The focus is on emerging technologies, building global products & growth. 
Fantastic talks form NIKE Innovative Kitchen, Workfusion, Bayer speakers, product and UX professionals from Microsoft, Facebook, the technical teams of EPAM, Google; venture capitalists from Flint Capital, 500 startups have already confirmed.

At EMERGE 2019, we expect 150+ selected startups represented at the Startup Alley and 50+ shortlisted startups pitching at EMERGE CHALLENGE. 

Eastern Europe has been traditionally strong in natural sciences. Today, the region is booming with exceptional companies (World of Tanks, Viber, MSQRD, etc.) and Belarus Hi-Tech Park has grown to one of the largest IT clusters in Europe with over 30,000 software engineers employed.



International guests don’t need visa when flying in directly to Minsk airport and can spend up to 30 days visa-free in Belarus. It only takes 1,5 – 2 hours to get to Minsk from Europe by plane. Plus, Minsk is in Top 40 safest cities in the world (close to Helsinki, Finland or Ottawa, Canada).
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Journalists from the most influential European media will make their way to EMERGE. Join them. Apply for accreditation or partnership. Contact Valeria Mingova 
+44 7937 243882; 
+7 903 507 54 87;