2020 summary and forecasts for 2021. Online discussion of the Belarusian Expert-Analytical Club

December 21, 2020 14:41

28 December, 5 PM Minsk time (3 PM CET)

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Belarus in Focus weekly analytical monitoring, Press Club Belarus, “Nashe mnienie” – the website of the expert community of Belarus and the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS) invite you to sum up the results of the year and outline the forecasts for the upcoming year.


2020 became one of the most incredible years in the history of independent Belarus. Pandemic and the repressions not seen since the twentieth century. Unprecedented civic solidarity and political mobilization. Suddenly Belarus became a symbol of a vivid struggle for freedom for the whole world. It is hard to imagine that 2021 becomes even more incredible; however, it will definitely not be neither boring nor ordinary.


1) What can be called Belarus’ main achievement in 2020, and what is its main disappointment?

2) What else was important in 2020 besides elections, protests and coronavirus?

3) How the political and economic crisis in Belarus will develop in 2021?

Working languages: Belarusian and Russian with simultaneous translation to English.

We invite experts, foreign journalists, employees of the Foreign Ministries, representatives of NGOs interested in Belarusian events, to participate.


  • Andrei Kazakevich – Doctor of Political Science, Director of the "Palitichnaya Sfera" Institute;
  • Alexander Dabravolski – Senior Political Adviser to Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Head of the Eastern European School of Political Studies;
  • Artyom Shraibman – political analyst, visiting expert at the Carnegie Moscow Center;
  • Kateryna Bornukova – PhD in Economics, Academic Director of BEROC; 
  • Hienadz Korshunau – candidate of sociological sciences, ex-head of the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;
  • Anatol Pankouski – editor of the site of the expert community "Nashe mnenie" and "Belarusian Yearbook".
  • Moderators – Valeria Kostyugova (Nashe mnenie), Vadim Mojeiko (BISS), and Anton Ruliou (Belarus in Focus/Press Club Belarus).

Video recording is envisaged. The Chatham House Rule will apply upon the participant’s prior notice and will be off the record.

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2020 summary and forecasts for 2021. Online discussion of the Belarusian Expert-Analytical Club