Press conference. Assault on freedom of speech in Belarus

January 20, 2021 18:47

The regime has deprived TUT.BY, the largest news portal in Belarus, of its media status, and the Ministry of Information is assessing whether to block the access to the website. Members of Press Club Belarus team are in jail for already a month. How to resist repression? How does the journalistic community deal with pressure? What is the situation with the regional media? Spoiler alert: everything is pretty bad there too.


Maryna Zolatava, editor-in-chief of TUT.BY

Nadzeya Belahvostik​, editor-in-chief of Media IQ which monitors media’s compliance to the standards of journalism (a project of Press Club Belarus)

Natasha Belikova, Press Club Belarus’ representative

Barys Haretski, Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists

Sviatlana Harda, editor-in-chief of Media-Polesye, a regional publication

The online press conference will take place on January 22nd at 1:00 PM Minsk time (11 AM CET)

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Working languages: Belarusian and Russian with simultaneous translation into English.


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Press conference. Assault on freedom of speech in Belarus