Online press conference: courtyard revolution in Belarus

November 25, 2020 12:29

The events of the summer and autumn of 2020 awakened the activity of Belarusians in their courtyards: people began to get to know each other, interact, organize local events, protect murals and memorials, improve the territories of their yards and defend the right that it is the residents decide which ribbons will hang on the fence, not some masked people.

The Sunday rally branded as A March Against Fascism followed an altered tactic: 25 dispersed marches were held across Minsk alone preventing a concentration of the riot police. The authorities focused on repressing local communities throughout the week, but on Sunday, despite the use of special means, failed to effectively counteract the protesters.


  • Vital Rymasheuski, co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, core member of the Coordination Council engaged in organizing collegial bodies of the territorial public self-government (KOTOS).
  • Andrei Yahorau, core member of the Coordination Council, director of the Center for European Transformation
  • Tatsiana Vadalazhskaja, coordinator of the Belarusian Flying University, sociologist

The press conference will take place on November 26th at 1 PM Minsk time (11 AM CET) 

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Working languages: Belarusian and Russian with simultaneous translation into English.


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Online press conference: courtyard revolution in Belarus