Lukashenko plans to keep status quo until end of presidential elections

During a special session of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, President Lukashenko introduced Andrey Kabiakou...

Authorities plan to cover budget losses at cost of unemployed

President Lukashenko has ordered the government and the executive office to finalise the decree on ‘parasites’ within a month. The state has...


Ministry of Trade allowed price rises in hope of preserving product range

As a result of devaluation and price-freezing, there is a serious danger of the range of products available in Belarus reducing...


Belaruskali becomes a budget donor again

The production of potassium fertilizers in 2014 constituted 10.3 million tons, which is an all-time high for the enterprise, and is 48% higher than the total production of 2013. Due to the introduction of the export duty on...

New government plans tough austerity measures

The National Bank of Belarus has adopted a number of measures as a part of its monetary policy in order to stabilize Belarus’ financial situation. In the first days of January, the new government and the new...

Minsk attempts to mitigate sanctions confrontation between Kremlin and West

Official Minsk is increasing contacts with European capitals in order to neutralise pressure from the Kremlin which seeks to involve Belarus in the sanctions standoff with the West. Amid the food war between Russia and Belarus, the...
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