All fuss during election campaign in Belarus will be around social issues

In 2015, the Belarusian authorities lack resources to maintain social protection at acceptable level and relieve social tension with wage...

Sino-Belarusian cooperation is not up to expectations of Belarusian authorities

Official Minsk has inflated expectations from economic and investment cooperation with China, which base on similarity of political views and concessions...


Warehouse stocks grow as Belarusian economy shrinks

In January – February 2015 industrial enterprises’ stocks grew by 18%. Demand for Belarusian products – primarily on the Russian market...


Record high losses will not affect enterprises performance reports

According to the National Statistics Committee, the net loss of the Belarusian economy in January 2015 was BYR 42.9 trillion, which is 7.5% less than the net profit for the whole economy in 2014. This financial result is...

Minsk hopes to neutralize pressure from Kremlin by cooperating with EU

The Belarusian authorities have engaged all possible communication channels to normalise relations with Western capitals ahead of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga. Amid possible pressure from the Kremlin in the view of the presidential campaign, they...

Mediating and peacemaking efforts still bring political benefits to Belarus

Russia has asked Belarus to represent her interests in the Joint Consultative Group on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe. In addition, Belarus has confirmed her readiness to become a platform for the final stage of negotiations, as...
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