Belarus at EaP Riga Summit: created more opportunities for engagement with EU and reaffirmed loyalty towards Russia

Belarus’ participation in the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga has enabled it to create more opportunities for cooperation with the...

Labour market situation as factor of socio-political uncertainty

As of May 1st, official unemployment rate almost doubled compared with 2014 (amid half as many vacancies) reaching 1% of the...


Sanctions against Russia and low oil prices block industrial growth in Belarus

In January-April 2015, industrial production in Belarus scaled back by 7.5%. The main culprit in the decline was recession in Russia,...


Shrinking incomes will heat up interest of Belarusians in bank deposits

In Q1 2015, people’s incomes reduced by 4.2% compared with Q1 2014. The main culprits were high inflation rate and the decline in employment in the economy. Bank deposits have remained one of the few available ways...

Belarusian opposition divided into three blocks ahead of 2015 presidential elections

Political opposition in Belarus has divided into three blocks ahead of the 2015 presidential elections. Some opposition organisations will seek to prevent recognition of the presidential election’ results by the international community. This group, led by Anatoly...

Belarus raises stakes in relations with Kremlin and European Union

At a meeting with President Lukashenko Chinese President Xi Jinping said he was ready to open a new era of bilateral relations with Belarus. The parties signed a number of agreements, which envisage substantial loans for implementation...
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