Peoples Referendum takes lead in nominating "single candidate" from opposition

The "People’s Referendum" campaigners are becoming the pivot point for determining the democratic forces’ strategy for the 2015 presidential campaign....

2014 GDP growth forecast will not be met

Over the past four months, GDP growth was circa 1.5%. The 2014 GDP growth forecast cannot be met due to Belarus’...


Minsk expects new economic benefits from Kremlin for its anti-Western rhetoric

In its rhetoric, official Minsk has supported the Kremlin in its confrontation with the EU and the US, and the Russian...


Russian rouble devaluation is now main challenge for Belarusian economy

The sharp Russian rouble devaluation, given the scale of the Russian-Belarusian economic relations is a direct threat to the Belarusian economy. In developing protective and compensatory measures, the Belarusian government apparently intends to use the traditional administrative...

President Lukashenko takes hardline vis-a-vis Poland

Amid the crisis in Ukraine and in the absence of resources to pump people’s incomes, the Belarusian authorities attempt consolidating society ahead of the elections by using an ‘external enemy’ factor and focus on maintaining political stability...

Minsk wants to avoid being drawn into process of freezing conflict in Ukraine

Denis Pushilin, the DNI representatives in the trilateral contact group negotiations in Minsk said that representatives of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic were ready to come Minsk for negotiations with the Ukrainian authorities. Official Minsk...
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