Ahead of presidential elections differences among Belarusian opposition grow

The fact that one of the prominent and popular opposition leaders Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu has announced his divorce from the opposition...

Belarusian state started milking most profitable and successful IT businesses

In the search for additional budget revenues, the Belarusian authorities directed their attention to the most profitable economic sectors, to the...


Revoking price regulation will not lead to price hikes

Administrative price regulation introduced in December 2014 in order to prevent inflation after the devaluation, has partly fulfilled its tasks, but...


Belarus is preparing for new loans

According to the Finance Ministry, on March 31st, Belarus repaid USD 75.9 million to the IMF – the last part of the loan. Having fulfilled all her obligations vis-a-vis the IMF, Belarus gained a positive prospect for...

Official Minsk is attempting to "bridge East and West"

Official Minsk is attempting to become "a bridge between East and West" in order to relieve tension in relations between the Kremlin and Western capitals. President Lukashenka has attempted to become the Kremlin’s ‘interpreter’ for Western audiences...

Mediating and peacemaking efforts still bring political benefits to Belarus

Russia has asked Belarus to represent her interests in the Joint Consultative Group on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe. In addition, Belarus has confirmed her readiness to become a platform for the final stage of negotiations, as...
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