Belarus to increase military expenditure

Official Minsk plans a slight increase in the defence budget as a matter of military optimisation and weapons upgrade. Amid...

Minsk is trying to monetise its participation in conflict resolution over Ukraine

Official Minsk is trying to become an active participant in the settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, whose role would...


Finance Ministry is seeking alternative sources to replenish budget

Amid deteriorating financial situation in the country, the Belarusian budget requires additional revenues. The government has already adopted some measures to...


Inflation in 2015 will be higher than projected 18%

The National Statistics Committee reported, that in January 2015 inflation was 2.4% due to the increase in utility rates, higher vegetable and fuel prices (despite the fact that the Council of Ministers decision No 1207 of December...

Assisted by Kremlin, Minsk upholds its role in ensuring regional security

Official Minsk continues to strengthen its international position in ensuring regional security by providing a platform for negotiations. The Kremlin has de facto supported Belarus by insisting on holding the Normandy Four talks in Belarus’ capital whereas...

Minsk ready to share experience with Damascus in ensuring security

Last week, Belarus’ Foreign Minister Makey visited Syria, and met with President Bashar al-Assad, Prime Minister Wael al-Halyaki, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Walid al-Muallem, supreme mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun, and representatives of...
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