President Lukashenko takes hardline vis-a-vis Poland

Amid the crisis in Ukraine and in the absence of resources to pump people’s incomes, the Belarusian authorities attempt consolidating...

Russian rouble devaluation is now main challenge for Belarusian economy

The sharp Russian rouble devaluation, given the scale of the Russian-Belarusian economic relations is a direct threat to the Belarusian economy....


President attempts to improve governments work by threatening to dissolve it

The Belarusian authorities have no plans to readjust economic policies and pursue structural economic reforms before the presidential elections in 2015....


National Bank intends to maintain smooth devaluation policy until New Year

In late October, the National Bank managed to demonstrate growth in Belarus’ gold reserves. Amid devaluation of the Russian rouble, the National Banks’ main objective until late 2014, is to preserve the gradual devaluation pace for the...

Authorities use Soviet ideology to justify Belarus’ independence

When justifying the origins of Belarus’ statehood, the Belarusian authorities automatically refer to Soviet ideological constructs. However, they have slightly altered the interpretation of the Soviet paradigm by underscoring how the Soviets contributed to Belarus becoming an...

Amid Ukraine crisis, Minsk hopes to enhance pragmatic cooperation with Washington

Alexander Kasanof, director of the Office for Eastern Europe at the U.S. Department of State and Oleg Kravchenko, head of the American Directorate, discussed bilateral relations in Minsk. Amid the crisis in Ukraine and the growing tensions between...
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