Political prisoner Statkevich has become common denominator in ’Coalition for Non-recognition’

Supporters of the “Coalition for Non-recognition” have finally joined hands around the initiative group for nominating political prisoner and former...

Belarusian ideological workers are preparing for presidential campaign

Ahead of the elections, the Belarusian authorities have stepped-up ideological activity, which gains importance amid the lack of funds to buy...


Private housing construction may help somewhat improve housing construction performance in 2015

Amid overall decline in the housing construction in 2015, private housing construction has demonstrated growth as compared with 2014. However, the...


Belarusian Finance Ministry set to probe popular interest in government bonds

As of June 22nd, the Finance Ministry will start selling state’s foreign currency bonds in book-entry form for individuals. The initial volume of the issue is worth USD 50 million, circulation term – 368 days. Given the...

Belarus wants to make elections more transparent for observers and safer for opposition

The Belarusian authorities said the election process would be more transparent for the international observers as they hoped the latter would recognise some progress in the electoral process. With this in mind, the authorities are unlikely to...

Minsk responded with "understanding" to extension of sanctions against Belarusian leadership by Obama

US President Barack Obama extended sanctions against Belarusian officials imposed in 2006 by his predecessor George W. Bush for another year. Most likely, official Minsk was expecting the Washington’s decision to extend the sanctions. The Foreign Ministry...
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