Minsk tries to maintain exceptional status in relations with Kremlin

Tensions between Belarus and Russia over economic interests tend to rise before important documents come into effect. This time, it...

Belarusians prepare for devaluation

The National Bank’s data suggests that the NB’s efforts to reduce the devaluation expectations among the population have failed – people...


Minsk attempts to mitigate sanctions confrontation between Kremlin and West

Official Minsk is increasing contacts with European capitals in order to neutralise pressure from the Kremlin which seeks to involve Belarus...


Belarus’ foreign trade: at an all-time low

In October 2014, Belarus’ foreign trade deficit exceeded USD 500 million. Foreign trade has deteriorated. This is mainly due to the the National Bank’s exchange rate policy, as well as the devalued Russian rouble. If the exchange...

Belarus’ state apparatus shows high level of coordination in food war with Russia

The Belarusian authorities are trying their hardest to prompt Moscow to lift the import ban on Belarusian food, and to be able to continue exporting goods on the sanctions list to third countries via Russia. Belarus has...

Authorities hope to join Bologna process without fulfilling basic requirements

First Education Deputy Minister Bogush said that the Education Ministry had sent a request to the Bologna Secretariat to join the Bologna process and gain access to the European Higher Education Area. The Belarusian authorities’ position about the...
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